Cabinets Expo inc, based in Anaheim, CA. strives to provide excellent customer service when designing your future kitchen. Our knowledgeable Sales Team members are here to answer any and all your questions when it comes to remodeling your kitchens. Whether we are your first or last stop in your renovation plans, we will give you the help you need when making decisions on your home project. More than 10 cabinets available to choose from, with additional accessories such as sinks, faucets, handles, and mosaic back splash. In-house pre-fabricated Quartz counter tops also available for your selection. Before we get to see the final product, we must go through a process.

The first step in the remodeling process is measuring and designing. Our sales team can create your kitchen with a few measurements provided by the customer or the customers contractor. Using our 2020 Design program, you can watch in real time as our sales rep places each cabinet in the available space. During this time, you may let our sales rep know which type of cabinet you would like in a designated location. If you need help taking measurements, you may use our Lay Out Helper. This gives you all we need to make a design.

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Once the design is finished, we begin to quote the designed kitchen and itemize each cabinet and additional accessories. Adding counter tops, sinks, faucets and other accessories may benefit in additional discounts per segment ( i.e. +5% under each subtotal).

After settling on a price, all measurements are approved, all cabinets are the right type, in the correct location, and are all accounted for, the quotation is converted into an invoice. You may pay in full or leave a deposit (remaining balance must be paid before receiving any material). Wait  time may very from as early as next day received flat-packed in boxes to two weeks assembled if all is in-stock (out of stock may come in during the two week wait period and ready for pick up all at once).

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On the scheduled pick up date, all that would need to be done is load up your cabinet. Your Sales rep would accompany you to our loading area, identify each item as it is being loaded into your vehicle and mark which items were received. If more than one pick up is necessary, a signature would be needed for each pick up day and time noting which and how many items were loaded. On the final trip with all items having been picked up, the final signature is signed at the bottom.

Although we do try our best to protect your cabinets for travel by using our cardboard boxes and stretch wrap, it is always recommended to bring ratchet straps to hold down any and all items being loaded.