Cabinet Sizes

Our cabinets are all manufactured in standard sizes. Looking at the diagram below, you can see that our cabinets increase in width by increments of three inches.

Starting at our smallest cabinet, our spice rack 9" wide, or our wall cabinet also 9" wide, we move up three inches for every cabinet until we reach either a regular (door and drawer) or drawer bank (three drawers) base cabinet at 36" wide. Other larger cabinets would be our sink base, blind base, or diagonal corner base at 42" wide. Our widest wall cabinet reaches only 36" wide. All kitchen BASE cabinet depths are 24" deep and heights at 34 1/2" tall. Our WALL cabinets are standard 12" deep and vary in height.

We only carry vanity base cabinets. They are only 32" tall, 21" or 18" deep. These cabinet change every 6".

Wall Cabinets

Cabinet Sizes P 1 bases
Cabinets Sizes P 2